My story

Founder Tracey sitting at her desk

Hello, it's lovely to have you here…

I'm Tracey, the founder and designer behind Nothing But Lovely. When I launched in 2010 my focus was on brand design but the direction of my business changed four years ago following my experience of IVF and loss. I designed a diary specific to IVF that was initially for my own use but after some gentle encouragement from family and friends I decided to launch it as a product to help others and it has become one of my best sellers.

Being able to empathise with others going through a hard time has led me to design further wellbeing products and I’m so grateful for this change in direction and the opportunity to help people through my work.

My Values...

I have an understanding of the difficult time some of my customers might be going through and it is important to me that I acknowledge that and treat their order or any communication sensitively and with respect.

I'm passionate about creating meaningful, supportive products that ease overwhelm and bring gentle encouragement to the end user. With a focus on careful design and attention to detail everything I make is produced in the UK using quality materials.desk and packing an orderwrapping a journal and my dispatch table

When I'm not in my studio...

I love to spend time with family and friends, usually with a glass of rosé or cup of earl grey in hand. I also love to spin and recently completed the Move for Mind challenge for for the second year running. In 2021 I managed to ride 244 miles in 30 days and this year I managed to ride 261 miles in 30 days, I have now raised over £1000 for Mind and I intend to keep going...

Thanks so much for reading this far... If you'd like to follow along behind the scenes you can find me on Instagram @nothingbutlovely and if you have any questions at all please get in touch here.

Tracey xo

PS... I should also mention that I really love uplifting words, they can be so powerful and just one sentence can change your mindset to happier thoughts, that's why you will find quotes and sayings dotted around my work, they have helped me so much during difficult times and I know they will help you too!

move for mind challenge