Shift Your Focus Cards

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14 mini cards designed to help you keep a positive mindset during challenging times.  
Words can be so powerful and sometimes it takes just one sentence to change your mindset to happier thoughts.
Put them in places you pass frequently during the day so each time you see them you’ll gain a little encouragement to help you through your day.  You could…
• Use washi tape to stick them to places you walk by often - by your mirror / fridge / the inside of your front door.
• Frame them and put them on your bedside table or desk.
• Use one as a bookmark in your journal or planner.
• Add them to a wire memo board in your workspace.
• Use them alongside your favourite images to create an inspirational vision board.
• Use them as gift cards when wrapping a special present.
• Share the positivity and send them to friends and family with an encouraging note on the back.
14 positive quotes / inspirational sayings
74mm x 105mm
Printed on 350gsm uncoated card
The cards come in a string and washer envelope
Send in a hard backed envelope

1st Class Post - £1.45
Delivery aim 1-2 working days

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